About This Liberal Christian


I have two small kids at the time of this writing (one and half and three and a half), so I can’t think of a more original introduction than: Hi, I’m Annie!  Let me lay out all my biases and see if they mesh with yours!

First and probably most important: I have no formal theological training.  I am a complete lay-person and certainly no biblical scholar.  The views expressed here are completely my own and based upon my own research and reflection.

I was baptized Catholic, raised Presbyterian, attended a Baptist church for a while, and am a confirmed member of the Episcopal Church, though right now I go sporadically to a Methodist church because their service time is what works best with the baby’s nap schedule and they are legit the closest church to my house.

I have two small kids – oh wait, I already mentioned that – both girls.  The oldest one is diagnosed Autistic.  I also have two rescue pits, who are the best dogs in the world even when they are being shitheads.

I am in an interracial marriage with a non-Christian, so we’re a dual-faith household.  My husband is black and Piscataway (Native American), and he adheres to Native faith traditions.

My husband and I left our jobs in DC in 2013 to start a farm focused on restorative agriculture. In our continuing journey towards converting the whole country to permaculture we raise meat animals (yeah, totally a meat-eater) as naturally as possible.

I guess you’ve probably deduced from above that I am a cis-gendered, straight woman.  I’m also white as the driven snow – a term I never fully understood because all the driven snow I’ve ever seen is kind of gray.  But I digress.

I believe God loves us all as we are.  That INCLUDES everyone of EVERY ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality.  Even those who are not Christian (I don’t claim monopoly on the Truth).  Even those who transgender/gender fluid/non-binary.  Even those who drink and smoke and swear and whatever.  Everyone. As we are.

I don’t want to be embarrassed that I am a Christian-but I worry about preconceptions people may have every time I announce it.  I worry that they will immediately presume, upon my announcement, that I am judgmental, close-minded, hateful and two-faced.  I started this project to counteract that.  Please, join me and see what liberal Christians (of which there are many) are like.